Cross country

Check out the cross country route (watch out: the subtitles still say cyclocross, yet this is of course our cross country!)

Weekly menu

During the championship there will be food available in the lunchroom next to the infopoint.

This is what’s on the menu:



Hamburger € 3.00

Pizza € 3.00

Hot ‘frikandel’ sandwich € 2,00

Hot Dog € 2.00

Grilled cheese sandwich € 2.00

Ham sandwich € 2.75

Cheese sandwich € 2,75

Ham, cheese, tomato, lettuce sandwich € 3.25

Today’s special sandwich € 3.25



Beer, bottle 0.25L € 2.50

Wine € 3,00

bottle of soda € 2.50



€ 6,50 per dish


29 July:

Rice with chicken ragout

Pasta Pomodori


30 July:

Rice with pork and Stroganoff sauce

Vegetarian burger 


31 July:

Bami with sweet/sour chicken

Vegetarian Nasi 


01 August:

Shoarma sandwich with garlic sauce

Vegetarian Taco, wok vegetables and mozzarella 


02 August:

Rice with Goulash

Pasta wok vegetables in cream sauce 


03 August:

Potato gratin with Pangafilet

Bami with vegetarian Curry 


04 August:

Chicken Sate with bread

Pasta Pomodori 


05 August:

Pork with mushroom sauce

Pasta wok vegetables in cream sauce 

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Attached some info about new unicycles from one of our sponsors. 

See you all in 2 weeks.



If you still need a place to sleep at the ECU, the official overnight registrations are closed but there is still room in the male and female dormitories.

Please contact us by E-mail for more information 

Familie and/or group dormitories are full!




After the big YES from Sittard-Geleen, we as a group realised that we were in serious business.

Some weeks later we got the official permission from IUF to organize ECUnicycling 2017. OK great! but also no way back….

The search for the best venues started.

The athlethics stadium is situated in the sportzone. It’s only 3 years old, has a covered grandstand and a great indoor-hall which hopefullywe do not need, except when it’s too hot …;)

At the grandstand more than 300 people can find a place to sit down. Around the track there is enough place to be the best supporting friend/parent/coach ever.

On top of the grandstand is a canteen where you can have a drink or eat a snack.

The track is ready for some fast races :). The timing tower is easy accessible for the timing team.

Around the stadium and in the sportzone are enough free and payed parking spaces to park your car.

A social area will be realized close to the stadium.

See you at the next blog post.

The athlethics stadium is situated in the sportzone. It’s only 3 years old, has a covered grandstand

Road Racers

There are no high steep mountains in the Netherlands, but if you thought all of this country is flat, you are wrong. The south-part is the part with a hilly landscape.Short end steep and a lot. It’s also the area where young talented cyclists come to train and where the national teams from different country’s train for mountainbikeraces, …

In this area Felix will organise his long distance races. The 10k will be held at a save cyclingtrack from 2.5km long. It’s at 200 m from the track-stadium and social area. At this moment the cyclingtrack is built. If all goes well  it will be ready in may 2017.

The marathon will be a challenging one that goes up and down. It’s in a quiet area on rural streets. Often you will see the border with Germany. As far as we can see now, it will be a race in multiple rounds, so spectators can support you easily. We are also thinking of a half marathon at the same track at the same time. A race over 100km takes to much time to organise. We can’t put everything in one week… 🙁

The marathon will be a challenging one that goes up and down


As we said before: it all started with an idea from Circe.

After the UnioEC in Mondovi in 2015 we started to look for a suitable location in The Netherlands or Belgium. First goal: finding an athletic stadium with a covered grandstand. The summer in our region can be verry hot but it can also rain sometimes. Tongeren (Belgium), Maastricht and Sittard (both Netherlands) where on the shortlist.

After a simple mail to all possible places, we were almost immediately called by someone from Sportzone Limburg in Sittard-Geleen. They were enthusiast and listened to want we told them about the unicycling-sport. The support from this sport-minded people was so heartwarming that we decided to visit them a second time. Rosi Bongers was with us when the people from the Sportzone gave us a grand tour to all possible places to sport or to sleep. We were surprised: these accommodations are simply great: a brand new athletic stadium, different private and public sporthalls, a great place for trial, …

So, that’s the reason why we chose Sittard-Geleen.

See you at the next blog-post

The first steps logo-sportzone


Hello Europe,

October 2014. One mother of two unicyclists had an idea: let’s organise somethings big in my country. The seed was planted. She took the seed with her and asked some other parents of enthousiastic unicyclists if they had some water that could help to grow it.

And now, August 2016 the seed is a little but strong plant. After months of preparing, asking IUF to join us, searching for the best place, we are extremely proud to present you: EC Unicycling 2017!

The following months we will give you more and more details of what, when, where and why things will happen.

So, no matter where you are in Europe, take your unicycle and spread the word.

Your hosts,

Circe, Erik, Soilin, Filip and Alwin

Spread the wordEC2017_slide01