Marathon Results and Awards

Marathon Results are published on the online here! If you find any problems, please tell the info point or contact us.

Marathon Awards will be at 14:00 outside the info point after the Pancake lunch!

T-shirt sale!

We still have some participants’ T-shirts which will be sold tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon.
The sizes we have are limited (Male: XXL, XL, L, M, Female: M, S)

We also have bottles and participant’s bags, as well as 3D printed Unicycle key rings and posters.

Then we have some stuff that was left on various locations (Stadium, freestyle gym, Stadtsporthall …) which you can find at the info point (if you are the owner 🙂

See you all,


Marathon: how to get there

To everybody who goes to the marathon in Buchten:

The address is Ankersweg 52, Buchten, that is about 8 km from Sportzone Limburg. Since not everybody has a car to go there (or wants to ride) we propose to meet at 6:45 in front of the info point. It would be great if everybody who has still space in their car, came here, so cars can be filled up and all riders get to the start in time.

For the way back, you can either do carpooling again or use the public busses.

All volunteers for the marathon (I hope, there will be many!): please be there by 7 o’clock or also at the info point at 6:45.

Looking forward to seeing you all in Buchten,


Cyclocross Results and Awards

Cyclocross Results are published on the online here! If you find any problems, please tell the info point or contact us.

Cyclocross Awards will be at 15:30 at the Stadssporthall following the Basketball and Hockey finals.

Closing Lunch

Everyone who is not registered as competitor or non-competitor needs to buy a voucher for 5,- at the infodesk in order to join the lunch!

Video: 10K

It’s raining. If you are not competing in the cyclocross, you can have a look. Enjoy.


Marathon Update

All Marathon riders,

The marathon is going to be held on Sunday in Buchten (about 8 km from Sportzone in Sittard)
The course is already marked and you are welcome to go there and ride it.

There is a parking lot right by the start and finish area which will be accessible in the morning. While the race is in process, it is not easy (maybe not possible) to get in or out of the parking.



Quick reminder for he race:

Required gear:

Helmet, gloves. shoes
CHIP number placed high on chest, extra number on back or backpack.

Starting Groups:

Check in is from  7:30 to 7:45 in the starting area.


Starting Time Wave Description
08:00 Unlimited Wave 1 Top Males
08:01 Standard Wave 1 Top Males
08:05 Unlimited Wave 2 Top Females
08:06 Standard Wave 2 Top Females
08:09 Unlimited Wave 3 Males
08:10 Unlimited Wave 4 Females
08:11 Standard Wave 3 Males
08:12 Standard Wave 4 Females


Course details:

Each lap is about 8,5 km long, so you will have to ride 5 laps to complete the race.
If we find enough volunteers, we can provide water at the finish line during the race (= once per lap)
Parts of the course are on the pike path with a limited amount of space. Stay right, when you are passed and be careful when passing others!

As we have to reopen the roads for traffic at 12:00, we do have a cut-off time at 11:00. That means, you can finish every lap that is started before 11:00. After that time, you will be asked to leave the course, when you cross the finish line.



We will need quite many volunteers, so if you want to help before, during or after the race, please see me today at the info point to sign up as helper or be there on Sunday at 7:00.

See you all there,

live-video of hockey final

tomorrow, saturday 5th of august we will have a live-video of the hockey final here in facebook at 1 pm.

share this information so that all everyone interestet will know about 🙂

Cyclocross Newsletter: Important information for tomorrow!


Cyclocross will be held just in front of the info point near the and Mad4One unicycle shops.

Required gear:

Helmet, gloves, kneepads.
CHIP number placed high on chest, extra number on back or backpack.

Starting Groups:

Check in for the first group begins at 09:00. You must be checked in by your check-in ends time in order to compete.

Wave Description Check-in begins Check-in ends Race time
1 Unlimited 09:00 09:15 09:30
2 Standard Female 09:45 10:00 10:15
3 Standard Male 10:30 10:45 11:00

 Course details:

The round is about 1000m long. All competitors will race for approximately 30 minutes, trying to complete as many laps as possible in that time.


Volunteers for Cyclocross should meet in front of the unicycle shops by 9:00. Volunteers who arrive early are very appreciated.

Closing Lunch

Everyone who is not registered as competitor or non-competitor needs to buy a voucher for 5,- at the infodesk in order to join the lunch!


Wave lists are published at our info wall and online (unlimited) and online (standard)Please check if you are in the correct wave and group. Standard group is 29″ ungeared, unlimited  is 36″ with or without gear and 29″ geared. We can still make changes until this evening (04.08.).

Thank you 🙂

Muni results are online

Good morning!

Did you already notice that the results from yesterdays muni-day are online?

The award ceremony will be held today together with Track races (as originally planned) and 10 k.


The Ceremony starts at

9:00 (CHANGE!!!)

in the Freestyle gym (NOT OUTSIDE!!)


Thanks for the great job, racedirectors and volunteers and thanks to all the helpers who gave water to the riders at the XC!

You all made a hard race possible!


Schedule trial and speedtrial

Here is the schedule for the trial qualifications on Thursday, 03.08. They will be held in WOOD15.

  • wave 1: 13:00h
  • wave 2: 15:00h

Please view your wave here. If you have another competition at the same time, let us know via mail in advance, so we can put you in another wave.

Speedtrial starts at 17:00h (also in WOOD15)

  • first qualification round
  • Afterwards, finals will be done in 1 vs 1 battles

See you all there 🙂



Awards Muni

Awards for Muni will be held according to the original schedule tomorrow, 03.08., 9.00h am in front of the info desk.

We will do this in the following order:

  • first 10km
  • then track races,
  • afterwards cross country and uphill.